Frequently Asked Questions

If I stop using Luna Smooth will my hair grow back as normal?

Yes, after you stop use of Luna Smooth your hair will slowly begin to grow back as normal. 

What is the best way to remove hair before use?

There is no ideal hair removal method before using Luna Smooth, we recommend using the hair removal method you feel most comfortable with. 

Can I use Luna Smooth on my genital areas?

We don't recommend use of Luna Smooth in the genital regions. 

Does the product have moisturizing/anti-inflammatory properties?

Yes. Luna Smooth contains chamomile which moisturizes the skin. 

Can Luna Smooth cause in-grown hairs?  

While some people have in-grown hairs regardless of their hair removal habits, Luna Smooth will not cause in-grown hairs due to product usage. 

How many uses is in one bottle of Luna Smooth? 

While everyone's body is different, we typically find that one bottle of Luna Smooth lasts customers one month if applied conservatively to the necessary parts of their body. 

How long after my first application will I begin to see results? 

We usually find users must wait between 3-4 weeks before seeing their expected results. Everyone's body is different and Luna Smooth can work faster or slower depending on the person. 

How can expedite results? 

If you aren't content with the speed at which you are seeing results using Luna Smooth nightly, we recommend applying once in the morning as well as the evening. 

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