5 Indisputable Reasons Why Hair Won’t Grow Back Thicker After Shaving

posted on Apr 02, 18 to Blog

by Jennifer D.

When it comes to skincare myths, few come to mind quicker than the myth claiming that shaving will cause hair to grow back thicker and coarser than it previously was. For whatever reason, this misconception has survived for decades, and just won’t fizzle out no matter how much science the world seems to throw at it.

There are still a countless amount of people out there who believe this idea to be true. If you are in need of further convincing when it comes to busting this myth, look no further. Here are 6 of the primary reasons why shaving your mustache, legs, or any other region of your body won’t cause the hair to grow back thicker.

#1. Layers of Skin

Underneath our visible layer of skin, there are another four layers beneath it that hair passes through from its root. Because of this, no external item, razor or beyond, would be able to affect the root underneath those layers. Shaving your hair, no matter if it’s on your face or your legs, will only affect the growth of the hair from that layer of skin upward.

#2. The Impact of Puberty

Lastly, the impact of puberty may very well be contributing to the survival of this myth. This stage of life is when most young women and men begin shaving their mustaches, chin hair, leg hair, armpit hair and more. During this time, hormones are also hard at work, sometimes causing hair to grow thicker and thicker which could affect the appearance of hair from one shave to the next. That being said, again, this has nothing to do with the act of shaving itself but rather the hormones causing the hair to grow during puberty in the first place.

#3. Thickness of the Hair at Its Base

Health experts, Rachel Vreeman and Aaron E. Carrol point out that recently shaved hair lacks the finer taper common on the ends of unshaven hair. This gives the false impression that the hair is coarse.

Because hair is thicker at the base than it is at the tip, it appears wider than it really is when it first begins to grow back after shaving. This could be a primary reason why this particular hair shaving myth survives to this day.

#4. History Has Proven It False

A study exists dating back to 1928 that proves this shaving myth false. The men involved in the study were asked to shave a portion of their faces to compare the thickness of hair from one area to another. Within the hundreds of hairs collected during the study before and after shaving, no difference in coarseness or color could be seen. Additionally, another study in 1970 on leg hair yielded similar results.

#5. The Effect of Chemicals and Sunlight on Hair

There are a number of pollutants and chemicals in the air that can cause short hair to appear darker (thus, coarser) than it actually is. The sun also can cause longer hair to appear light in color. Both of these could be reasons why hair appears to grow back thicker after a close shave.

Some myths seem to never die no matter how many times they’re proven wrong. Our hope here at Luna Smooth is for our readers to know the truth behind all skincare myths. If you want to learn about safe, effective hair removal, be sure to shop around our site. Thanks for reading.

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