2 Hair Removal Myths That Need to Die a Horrible Death

posted on Apr 02, 18 to Blog

by Jennifer D.

There are some aspects of life which seem to have been debated since the dawn of time. Hair removal is one of them. What is the best option on the market? What are the types of hair removal you should avoid? Which common ideas are fact and which are fiction?

While there are certainly aspects of skincare that are still unclear, science has allowed us to put to rest many of the myths that have been perpetuated over the years.

Today, we’re going to discuss two hair removal myths that need to die a horrible death.

#1. Laser Hair Removal Gets Rid of Unwanted Hair Forever

One of the most widely-circulated myths in the world of hair removal is the idea that laser hair removal gets rid of unwanted hair for good. In reality, the first session of laser hair removal usually kills only 25% of the hair in a specific area. After that, patrons need to engage in five more sessions to complete the process. It doesn’t stop there though, once the initial sessions are complete, the recommended amount of touch-up sessions is one to two per year.

Each of these sessions will cost you anywhere from $95 to $250! A price tag like that will add up quickly no matter who you are.

#2. Waxing is Always the Best Option for Hair Removal

Given waxing removes hair at the root, it definitely is a solid option for many people when it comes to hair removal. It’s more affordable than laser hair removal and longer-lasting than shaving. Yet, there exist a handful of cons to keep in mind when it comes to waxing.

One is that waxing often results in the formation of ingrown hairs. Another is the cost of treatment, with a price commonly ranging from $35 to $80 per treatment depending on where you get the it done. Last but not least, waxing isn’t exactly a “walk in the park” in terms of pain. It isn’t uncommon for first timers to underestimate the amount of discomfort a waxing session will give them.

Life is already complicated enough, so don’t let hair removal be another aspect that tangles you up. Here at Luna Smooth, we have created an affordable and effective proprietary hair growth inhibiting formula that helps reduce the need for you to wax and shave, no matter your skin type.

No matter how you choose to remove your unwanted hair, be sure to do your homework so you can differentiate between the truths and the myths. As with most things, a little research can go a long way.

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